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A-Z Guide To Finding Work You Love - I

Seeking fulfilling work involves connecting with people who can give you this letter. It could be people who love their job or people whom you consider to be successful. Being on top of the Rockefellor Centre in New York can give you this too!...read more

What's Stopping You?

"I always wanted to be a Chef. I mean, not a chefy chef....just someone who could cook really, really good chips! My wife and I used to talk about it - getting a little pub restaurant outside London." "What stopped you?" "Money, fear, real life....." This was a conversation that took place between a couple (about to embark on an affair, I hasten to add) in a recent TV drama. However, I believe these types of conversations happen all over the country every day. Many people dream about changing career but do nothing about it, mainly out of fear. In my experience as a Career Coach I reckon that the biggest factor that stops people moving from where they are to where they want to be. We often dismiss our dream as not being realistic, but this is often not based on evidence. So here are 5 things that you can do to 'feel the...read more

How To Identify Your Best Skills

Although they have many years of work experience many of my clients tell me that they don't really know what their skills are. Perhaps they've become competent using at using a skills but they wouldn't neccesarily say that they enjoy using it. Then there's the question of hidden skills. What if there was a skill you'd love to use, if only you knew what it was!...read more

The Wide And Often Surprising Career Paths That Are Open To People Who Study Engineering

The choice of education stream for a young adult headed to college is often a decision that occupies a lot of mind, space and time. The beauty here is that the stream you pursue sometimes has little bearing on where you end up. For instance, an engineering degree could be your passport to the CEO's office in a multibillion-dollar investment company....read more

A-Z Guide To Finding Work You Love - H

Quite often, people believe that it's a luxury to take this letter into work and that it's something that should be reserved for hobbies and interests. This why I believe many people settle for mediocrity in work. If you want to find work you love, this letter must go with you on your journey....read more