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Working in the Construction Industry: what you need to know

It doesn’t get promoted the way other careers do because most of the time you won’t be sitting at a desk or wearing a suit, but if you’d like to work in an industry with great employment prospects and the potential to pay very well indeed, you should think seriously about construction. You will need to train and develop a good understanding of what you’re doing, because safety is extremely important – yours and that of the people who go on to use what you’ve built – but the rewards make it well worthwhile. Training In the past, the construction industry was known as a place where unskilled people could get work as day labourers. Today, that is very rarely the case. Construction is a skilled profession, and you will need to train in order to get decent jobs. Most vocational colleges offer low cost starter courses. You may be able to...read more

My Top 6 Websites for Career Changers

If you're unhappy in your work you've probably been spending a lot of time searching the internet for some inspiration. With so many sites to choose from and so little time to browse, here are my top 6 websites to get you going: 1. The Muse This American based, light hearted site provides some excellent advice on following your passion, carrying out successful job applications plus workplace etiquette . They also big up some cool American employers who really do put their employees first. You will have to sign up to receive their pearls of wisdom. 2. Career Shifters As well as having some excellent blog articles, this site has a focus on real people who have changed career which will leave you believing that it is possible to do so. There is also a forum to post your career dilemma so you can get advice from real people who have been there and...read more

A-Z Guide To Finding Work You Love - I

Seeking fulfilling work involves connecting with people who can give you this letter. It could be people who love their job or people whom you consider to be successful. Being on top of the Rockefellor Centre in New York can give you this too!...read more

What's Stopping You?

"I always wanted to be a Chef. I mean, not a chefy chef....just someone who could cook really, really good chips! My wife and I used to talk about it - getting a little pub restaurant outside London."...read more