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Healthy for the Body and Career

Those who have a strong passion for physical fitness have likely thought about beginning a career in the fitness industry at one point or another. One of the most rewarding careers that one can work towards in this industry is that of personal trainer. Becoming a personal trainer is more

Social Media is the way forward for Job Seekers, Are you Connected?

We are certainly in the era of social networking and by the looks of things it is only going to get bigger. Unfortunately even our parents are jumping on the bandwagon. The majority of people nowadays will log on to a social network site daily, so isn't it time more

How safe is your online CV?

If you're a recent graduate or college student, you're probably used to submitting your personal details to the institution online. If this information were to get into the wrong hands, it would have severe consequences. Fortunately universities today have a grip on security. For example, Dell virtualization can help more

Miserable Adventures in Graduate Job Hunting

My life is not like 'Girls', the new show that's just premiered on HBO about girls post-university struggling to find paid employment and make ends meet. Actually, it is quite a lot like that, but unlike the 'Girls' I don't sponge off my parents or have delusions about being more

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