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Gearing up for the job market

The time has finally come to venture into working life; surely it can't be that hard to find a job? Unfortunately the job market is becoming increasingly tougher making it extremely important to make sure that you stand out as a potential candidate. There are many ways in which more

Considering working as a Freelance Writer?

The idea of working as a freelancer in any profession hasmany attractionsbut before anyone takes this step they should really work out the pros and cons of this lifestyle.DecisionsIt's one thing to be able to write a dissertation or good essay but writing commercially is a totally different proposition. more

The power of first impressions

If you've made the life-changing decision to switch careers and start a new business, you have already proved that you are a person who is not afraid of taking risks and making a jump into the unknown. For some people, a career change is given a little push: being more

What Career Change Lessons Can We Learn From A Former Olympic Cyclist?

Former GB cyclist Victoria Pendleton is all too familiar with trying to manage life after cycling, even after a stint on Strictly Come Dancing! Reflecting on life after retirement, she said,'It's hard without goals..…... I couldn't see what the point was, where was the purpose in my life.'Is life more

Who is your Huggy Bear?

What Career Change Lessons can we learn from Huggy Bear?Depending on your age you may or may not remember a character called Huggy Bear from the 70s cop show Starsky and Hutch. The character was later played by Snoop Dogg in the 2004 film version. Huggy was a flash dressing, more

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