10 Crippling Beliefs That Can Stop You Finding Work You'll Love

10 Crippling Beliefs That Can Stop You Finding Work You'll Love

In order to find out your ideal work it's important that you're able to answer these 3 questions in this order:

1. Who am I?
2. What do I want?
3. How do I get it?

However, although there are proven steps you can take in order to find the answers to these questions, the one thing in my experience that stops potential career transitioners (is that a real word?) from making successful progress is their limiting beliefs. It could be beliefs they have about themselves or beliefs they have about the world of work. This is an issue I tackle with my clients very early on in the process. Here are 10 beliefs I often hear...

1. No one really loves their job

2. My family and friends will think I'm crazy

3. I'll be throwing away my years of experience

4. I can't afford a drop in salary

5. I don't have any transferable skills

6. I'm safe where I am. I know what is expected of me here and I can do it well.

7. If I get my head down I'll learn to like this job

8. I'm too old

9. I have lost my cofidence

10. They'll laugh at my CV

Do any of these sound familiar to you? There are plenty of others and the key point is not whether they are true or not, but whether they are having an impact on you and the decisions you make. If your beliefs are stopping you moving from your current work towards something you would really enjoy, you need to take action.

The first step is to identify that crippling belief. This isn't easy, but when you're having conversations about your career progress, start to become aware of the language you're using and the thoughts that come into your head when you allow yourself to dream of a better career.

Then you need to identify where that belief has come from and the evidence for the conclusion you have drawn.

Then it's important that you look for contrary evidence. You may not want to, because for some reason we like to hold on to these beliefs because they keep us safe and give us a reason for maintaining the status quo. But the evidence will be there if you look hard enough although you may need help from a good friend.

Once you find the evidence you need to hold on to it and use it as a positive affirmation whenever the doubts reappear - trust me, they will. This evidence will be the key to unlock your door of uncertainty. It's futile to simply say 'I can do this'. You need that proof.

Changing your beliefs is no easy task but it's a vital one if you are serious about finding work you love.

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What Our Clients Say...

Last night, we had the opportunity to have a good chat about things, and he was (I felt for the first time in a long time), upbeat about what he needs to think about and get done.

He showed me the test results which I think has given him a real confidence boost, as well as having consolidated a lot of things for him in his own mind.

And your post call summary has also had an effect, as he seems to be much more ‘in the zone’, giving him the impetus with a plan on how he gets things done.

Heartfelt thanks from me, his mum, as it has felt like quite a difficult time for all of us!

Mark is passionate about his work and very sensitive to the needs of his clients. I was lucky to work with Mark in the international surrounding where he shared knowledge and skills regarding career counselling with the group of youth workers coming from 8 European countries.

Through his work he challenged many limiting beliefs and helped me and others to realize our potentials in a better light and get ideas for helping others do the same.

I strongly recommend Mark for any challenging task since he proved to be flexible, process oriented but also having results in mind, and the most important of all, very positive and inspiring co-worker.
My daughter Lucie and I both gained a lot from your talk and found your approach to finding what the right path may be, very positive.

Thank you!
Before I contacted Mark, I didn't believe that I could pursue the career I really wanted but after a few sessions it began to feel that my dreams weren't so unrealistic after all.

By the end of the course, I had the confidence to make steps towards getting the job I always wanted.
Leah Mooney
Mark was our trainer in a 7 day International Training Course on topics of youth career guidance for youth workers from 8 countries. His work is amazing - aside from providing skills for our work, he helped us to think over our lives and things we want to do. This training course and his energy gave me a new wave of enthusiasm for both - working with youth and developing myself. I hope I will have the opportunity to work with him again.
I came to Mark to gain focus and direction as I was awash with ideas and not knowing which to follow. Mark guided me through exercises which systematically drew out my interests, skills and preferences. I am now in a position to drive forward on key ideas with clear goals on what I want to achieve and how I'll know when I have. Thanks Mark!
Jim Allen
I had no clear idea of where I wanted my career to go, except that I didn’t want to carry on with what I was doing. Working with Mark has been instrumental in giving me the right questions, and gaining a good understanding of myself so that I could change direction. His sessions were well structured whilst giving sufficient freedom for different lines of enquiry. And it’s a long time since I enjoyed homework, but I really did relish the work he suggested between meetings. I would thoroughly recommend having Mark coach you through your career conundrums.
Yvette Powell
I worked with Mark during a time of huge personal transition. He gave me invaluable insight into myself, which has had a direct impact on the course of the last 6 months of my life. The coaching sessions I had with him prompted me to take action in the direction of the career and life I really want, rather than doing what I think I 'should' be doing to please other people or fit in. He also got me thinking very differently about the options available to me, which opened doors both in my mind and externally in the world. Mark has outstanding interpersonal skills, which really helped me be at ease and take risks to be completely honest in our sessions. I highly recommend him and his service.
Elloa Atkinson

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