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Which Career Choice Will Make Your Rich?

It is often said that choosing your career is far too important a decision to make when you are a mere teenager, yet that is of course what all of us are expected to do....read more

7 Career Transition Lessons We Can Learn From An Eagle

You may have noticed that I have a silhouette of an eagle on my kickstart careers logo. There is a reason for this and if you are considering a career transition, may I suggest that there is a great deal that we can learn from this majestic bird of prey......read more

10 Crippling Beliefs That Can Stop You Finding Work You'll Love

In order to find out your ideal work it's important that you're able to answer these 3 questions in this order: 1. Who am I?2. What do I want?3. How do I get it? However, although there are proven steps you can take in order to find the answers to these questions, the one thing in my experience that stops potential career transitioners (is that a real word?) from making successful progress is their limiting beliefs. It could be beliefs they have about themselves or beliefs they have about the world of work. This is an issue I tackle with my clients very early on in the process. Here are 10 beliefs I often hear... 1. No one really loves their job 2. My family and friends will think I'm crazy 3. I'll be throwing away my years of experience 4. I can't afford a drop in salary 5. I don't have any transferable skills 6. I'm safe...read more

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