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What career change lessons can we learn from an Olympic ‘swimmer’?

In order to encourage participation from developing countries, the International Olympic Committee will allow some athletes to compete in the Olympics who would normally not stand a chance of qualifying. Back in 2000 at the Sydney games, a man named Eric Moussambani (later nicknamed Eric the Eel) from the little...read more

What career change lessons can we can learn from a champion jockey?

In my younger days I used to dismiss horse racing as a sport. What could be easier than having to sit on a horse that does all the hard work? As I've become older and just a little bit wiser I've begun to appreciate the demands placed on jockeys, both...read more

A-Z video guide to finding work you love – A

And here we are with the first video in this series. If you are looking for a career change, you need support and the occasional kick up the backside to keep you going. Watch the video to find out....read more

11 Ways To Ensure You Remain In A Job That Gives You No Satisfaction

1.Stay well clear of people who love their work and stick around with your mates who also hate their job. You can grumble together and accept that this is just the way it is.2. Take a glance at the weekly job pages and online vacancies. That's the only way to...read more

7 Baby Steps to Managing a Career Crisis

OK, so you've established that you're in a career crisis. What next? You're probably constantly thinking about what you could do instead of your current job. This can be overwhelming. Even if you know what you want to do, it may be a while before you get there. So here...read more

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